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What is the Parochial Church Council (PCC)?

The PCC is responsible for the maintenance of the church buildings and grounds and, with the vicar, for deciding how the church's money is to be spent.  They are the equivalent to the Church's Governing Body, together with the Vicar, who has the care of Souls. The PCC has the right to be consulted about major changes to the forms of worship used in the parish.  It is also formally the employer of the church's paid workers.

PCC Members

The PCC currently comprises of 15 members:

Father Grant Cohen (Priest-in-charge) Chair
Jeremy Gotts Churchwarden
Steve Tarvin Churchwarden
Martin Day Treasurer
Helen Stafford Secretary
Charlotte Kennedy  
Barbara Walker  
Virginia Parrott Stewardship Secretary
Maggie Glover  
Linda Lucking Communications Committee
Trixie Muirhead Social Committee and Fundraising
Joye Foster Health and Safety Officer
Funmi Sanyaolu  
Kathy Redington  
Corinne Fernandes Social Committee and Fundraising
Frank Revel  


Standing Committee - carries out the work of the full PCC between PCC meetings, including anything urgent that does not justify calling an extraordinary meeting of the whole PCC.  The opening group of seven members on the above list make up the Standing Committee.

  • Finance Committee
  • The PCC also has three members who are concurrently members of the Deanery Synod, which links the parish into the wider structures of the church.  These are currently Martin Day and Jeremy Gotts.
  • Communications Committee - this committee sends out an electronic newsletter every month to keep subscribers up to date with all up and coming events.If you would like to recieve a copy of the newsletter, please complete the form here.
  • Fundraising Committee - this committee organises events, both to raise funds for the church and also opportunities for fellowship.


St James' takes issues around safeguarding very seriously and undertakes an annual Safeguarding Audit

  • Our Parish Safeguarding Officer is Helen Jones.  She can be contacted on 07957 274 507 with any concerns you may have.
  • More information about Safeguarding, including A Safe Church (Southwark's Diocesian Safeguarding Policies and Procedures) and other points of contact for confidential advice, can be found on the Diocese website http://southwark.anglican.org/safeguarding
  • If you have an issue you would like to raise, please speak to any PCC member or complete the form here

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