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Re-Ordering Update

Reordering update 

The congregation of St. James were invited to St. Mary’s on the 25thSeptember in a bid to gauge the feeling of the wider church regarding the proposal put to PCC and unanimously accepted to reorder the current vestries and side chapel. 11 attended and following a discussion about our ministry, and mission, and where we see ourselves, the group were shown how St. Mary’s had reordered.  Following a time of questions the group were asked to vote whether the project should move forward or not.  The results of that vote were a majority in favour - 7 voted Yes to the proposal, 2 voted No and 1 was uncertain.

Grant has subsequently met with the Archdeacon and have begun the process of obtaining a faculty. This will begin with a site visit to the church by the DAC (Diocesan Advisory Committee) and the archdeacon and Grant will, of course, keep the congregation posted at all stages of the process.  Please do feel free to chat with him about the project at any time. 

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