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Help - Audio

The audio player will be embedded within the audio page and you can listen directly on the page. If you do not have a modern browser then to listen to audio files from the website you will need to download the file and play it in a media player such as:

Windows Media Player
If you have Windows then you will already have Windows Media Player installed on your machine.

Alternatively you can download other free players such as Apple iTunes. If you have an iPod then you can synchronise your iTunes songs with your iPod and listen to sermons on the move!
To download the latest version of iTunes go to https://www.apple.com/itunes/download/.

Once you have downloaded an Audio file from this website it should automatically open in your chosen media player.

Subscribing to St James Riddlesdown audio

You can subscribe to the Audio section so that you are notified when the latest audio files are added to the site. Using Podcast software you can also set the podcast so that new files are automatically downloaded to your computer.

To subscribe to the St James Riddlesdown podcast you will need podcast software such as :

This software is available free. Note that whilst the software is easy to use, neither St James Riddlesdown or Church Edit can offer support.

With the Podcast software installed you can subscribe to the audio feed using the following address http://www.stjamesriddlesdown.org/media/media.xml.