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Mission Action Plan

Mission Action Plan

St James', in common with all the churches in the Diocese, has been asked to originate and implement                           a 5 year Mission Action Plan (MAP), based on the needs of the church and the local community.  

In this area of the website we are setting out some information about St. James' MAP;

how the goals have been decided, the various ways in which they will be achieved                                                         and some idea of the timescale and resources this will need.  

The powerpoint images that were shared with the congregation at the launch of  the St. James' MAP                              on 21st Sept is included here.

The details of how each of these aims is to be realised, and who has already volunteered to help,                                   is included here.

The success of our MAP will depend, largely, on the active participation of members of the PCC, the              congregation and beyond.  

This is OUR MAP and we need YOUR HELP to fulfil it.

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