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Seeking Stillness Quiet Days 2017

Seeking Stillness 2017


Venue: St James Church, Riddlesdown

Led by Jane Hoskins

Seeking Stillness offers an opportunity to step aside from the busyness of everyday.

There will be some input, time for personal prayer and reflection, tea, coffee and creative space.

It’s really helpful to know if you’re coming! So, for further information and to book your place on one or more of these days, please e-mail j.hoskins233@btinternet.com or ring 07956 061 533.


Saturday 13th May 2pm -5pm

Filling the Cup of Life


‘We have this treasure in jars of clay’   [2 Cor:4:7]

Like a cup, our spiritual journey is a process of emptying and filling, giving and receiving, accepting and letting go. Sometimes our lives reveal chips, stains and flaws like any well- travelled cup, but God is able to use us.


Thursday 8th June 10am -1pm

Praying the Psalms


‘My soul finds rest in God alone; salvation comes from him.’

Psalm 62:1

The Psalms provide an endless resource for our prayer life. Confession, praise, lament, anger, suffering-every possible emotion is expressed by the psalmist!


Saturday 22nd July 2pm -5pm

Seeking Sabbath time


‘Remember the sabbath, and keep it holy.’

 What does that really mean today? Rather than prohibition of what we cannot do, God intends Sabbath time as a holy gift to us. Why do we find it so hard to receive this gift?


Saturday 16th September  10.30am – 3pm

Seeking Simplicity in September Stillness

‘Simplicity - an internal reality that results in an outward life-style’

God calls us to seek a life of simplicity, being content with what we have. There will be opportunities during this day to look at ways in which, even amidst the complexities of 21st century living, we might find ways to live more simply.


Seeking Stillness Quiet Days
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