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So What Happens at a Quiet Morning/Day?


So what happens at a Quiet Morning/Day?

Actually, it’s very much up to you [and our Creator God!]

The leader welcomes all comers, and we gather for prayer and the lighting of a candle as the morning begins. The invitation is to put aside all that has already happened and been done this day, and to settle into stillness of body and mind. Music, prayer and a few words help us in doing this.


If tea/coffee/fruit juice are your need, these will be available to help yourself to in the church room throughout the morning.

Paints, coloured pencils, crayons and paper will be there also.

Haven’t ‘done’ painting since you left first school? Now’s your chance! Enjoy…


In church there will be Prayer Spaces, using colour, candles, pictures, a few words and prayer. These are available to you as and when you choose.


Maybe go outdoors [weather permitting!]. A walk of awareness [on printed sheet] will be available. Walking can give a rhythm to prayer. Just sit on the bench or the steps. Let go…let God…


During the morning there will be an invitation to gather and listen to some input on the theme. Many find this helpful during Quiet Mornings, but please feel no pressure to leave the space in which you find yourself.


The morning closes with a time of prayer and thanksgiving together. This is an opportunity to gather the threads which have run through this time, and to prepare ourselves to return to the matters of daily life.


Seek Stillness…

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