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God in our Everyday

          God in our Everyday

The Celtic Christians had a strong awareness of God’s presence in every aspect of their daily lives. Prayer was a part of every activity from the moment of waking each morning, throughout the working day, during preparation of meals, on meeting others, at decision making moments, during times of relaxation, and right up until preparation for sleep as darkness came again at the day’s end.

Many of us long to find more time for prayer. More time to sit with God, to listen, to share with him our thoughts, our thanks, our needs and the needs of others.

Maybe there are times when prayer is on the timetable! Sundays in church, a Quiet Day or Retreat, or a prayer space at home.

But what about the other times? The hours and minutes of ‘everyday’?

God is present-but are we present in the moment?

So maybe the thoughts below might be a way of finding that time.


-On waking in the morning, take 5 minutes to greet God, give thanks for a new day and offer up anything that’s on one’s mind.


-As we run water for coffee or tea-give thanks that Jesus offers us Living Water-energy and life giving.


-In the shower or bath, give thanks for the freedom and cleansing qualities of running water.


-Making sandwiches for a packed lunch, give thanks for our daily bread and pray for those who this day will go hungry.


-In the car/bus/train, pray for safety. Pray for fellow travellers. Remembering that God’s love surrounds us as a protective shield.


-Drinking mid morning coffee, thank God for his warmth and care. Pray for those who love us and whom we love; for family, our children, our friends.


-At midday/lunchtime, pray for Christians worldwide, who may also be at midday prayer. Give thanks for freedom of worship in this country and pray for those who are persecuted for their faith in God.


-In the afternoon, take a moment to share with God the activities of the day so far. Pray for those with whom you’ve worked/met/talked to.


-Travelling home or if at home preparing the evening meal-pray for those who will have no shelter this evening/no-one to greet them.

Jesus was a friend to all-seek ways of offering friendship and hospitality-maybe just a smile or a nod of acknowledgement.


-At evening, as the light fades, give thanks to Jesus-Light of the World. He’s been our constant/unseen companion this day. Seek his light as darkness falls. Maybe place a lighted candle on the table as you eat our meal.


-As we prepare for sleep, give thanks for all the comforts of our homes and living spaces. Share with God all that has happened this day. Ask his forgiveness for any word or action which may have caused hurt to another. Give thanks for achievements and opportunities that this day revealed-big or small. Ask God’s calm and protection as darkness once more surrounds all of creation.


Christ as a light illumine and guide me,

Christ as a shield overshadow and cover me,

Christ be under me, Christ be over me,

Christ be beside me, on left hand and right.

Christ be before me, be within and without me.


                                                               St Patrick

Ways into Prayer
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